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A race of interest, perhaps. Kesha Rogers, a “Lyndon LaRouche Democrat,” has won the Democratic primary in the 22nd Congressional District of Texas with 53 percent of the vote, the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee announced Wednesday - noting that her opponent, Doug Blatt - who had been endorsed by local Democratic groups - received 27 percent of the vote. Ms. Rogers espouses a startling “impeach Obama” platform, among other things.

“Kesha’s campaign hit relentlessly at a single theme, that President Obama must go, that his attacks on this nation - with his dismantling of the manned space program, his efforts to ram through a fascist, killer ‘health care’ policy, his endless bailouts for Wall Street swindlers, while demanding budget cuts which will increase the death rates among the poor, the sick, the elderly and the unemployed - are not acceptable, and will not be tolerated,” says Harley Schlanger, a LaRouche spokesman.


Well, let’s just cut to the chase here. A list titled “Sex, Violence and Hate: The Top 10 Most Disgusting Attacks on Conservative Women” has been assembled by the Culture and Media Institute, chronicling the ill will - some of it astonishing - levied against females of a certain ideological persuasion. See the list here: www.cultureandmediainstitute.org.

“This doesn’t happen to liberal women. Recall that MSNBC’s David Shuster was suspended for mentioning Chelsea Clinton in a suggestive light during the 2008 presidential campaign. And you can be sure, if there were well-known liberal women who had been treated in this manner, the National Organization for Women would have been very vocal about protesting such disgusting, adolescent and sometimes violent comments. For conservative women? They’re silent,” research director Colleen Raezler tells Inside the Beltway.

“March is Women’s History Month, in which we acknowledge the accomplishments and contributions of women in history and in society today. But for a select group of women - conservative women - their accomplishments and contributions are rarely celebrated but often demeaned and mocked in sexist - and crassly sexual - ways,” she continues, noting that Michelle Malkin and Sarah Palin draw the most odious attacks, with Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly; ABC’s “The View” co-host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck; and Liz Cheney and others also targeted.

Among the worst: Playboy magazine writer Guy Cimbalo identified the top 10 “conservative women” he wanted to have rough sex with - though he used a much more graphic term and called them “[expletive] hot.” His list included Ms. Kelly, Mrs. Hasselbeck, Weekly Standard writer Mary Katharine Ham and Rep. Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Republican.

In addition, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann compared Mrs. Malkin to a “mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it,” while fellow MSNBC host Ed Schultz offered this characterization of former vice president Dick Cheney’s daughter: “The shooter’s little girl, Liz Cheney, has been hitting the lecture circuit, parroting daddy’s fear-mongering rhetoric.” ABC News correspondent David Wright also referred to Mrs. Palin as “Vice President Barbie.”


President Obama will make a special appearance on the 1,000th episode of “America’s Most Wanted” - now in its 22nd year - airing Saturday at 9 p.m. on the Fox broadcast network.

Host John Walsh will discuss the Obama administration’s crime-fighting initiatives: Mr. Obama will get a chance to talk up his support of state and local law enforcement, prosecution of “white-collar criminals” and the Recovery Act’s $4 billion that was allocated for state and local agencies.

To date, the show has helped capture more than 1,100 fugitives, including 17 from the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted” list over the years. The series also has reunited 43 missing children with their families, which Mr. Walsh says is his “proudest achievement.”


Promising news, hopeful news, not to be overlooked:

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