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The military’s decisions to charge the SEALs who took a suspected terrorist off the streets has stirred protests from some members of Congress and ordinary Americans.

A Facebook page, “Support the Navy SEALs who Captured Ahmed Hashim Abed,” has attracted nearly 120,000 members. Another Facebook page, “Americans United Against the Prosecution of 3 Navy SEALs,” has nearly 265,000 members.

When the SEALs brought the captured Abed back to Camp Schwedler in September, they had executed a perfect mission. Based on an intelligence report on Abed’s whereabouts, they surprised him while he slept in his bed, marched him back to their helicopter and evacuated the area without firing a shot.

The U.S. command in Iraq has refused to provide details on Abed except to say that he is being held.

Gen. Cleveland wrote to members of Congress saying his decision to charge the SEALs was influenced by evidence that they tried to cover up a suspected assault.