- - Wednesday, May 19, 2010


‘Superhero’ untangles space shuttle cable

CAPE CANAVERAL — A spacewalking astronaut freed a snagged cable on the inspection boom for Space Shuttle Atlantis on Wednesday, accomplishing the job in a matter of minutes and earning a “superhero” title.

With that behind him, Stephen Bowen whipped through a slew of space station battery replacements.

Mr. Bowen and his spacewalking partner, Michael Good, plugged in four new batteries at the International Space Station and even repaired a loose antenna.

The tangled cable had prevented the shuttle astronauts from thoroughly inspecting their ship for any damage from last week’s launch. NASA wanted the snag fixed as soon as possible and added the chore to Wednesday’s spacewalk, the second in three days.


4th militia member gets out of jail

DETROIT — A fourth member of a Midwestern militia accused of plotting to overthrow the government was released from jail Wednesday after prosecutors said they were confident that the strict conditions under which he was set free would ensure the public’s safety.

Kristopher Sickles of Sandusky, Ohio, will be electronically monitored 24 hours a day, like three other members of the Hutaree militia who were released under the same conditions Tuesday.

Five other members of the group remain behind bars, and prosecutors have asked the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to keep them there while they await trial on Nov. 4.

The nine are charged with conspiring to commit sedition and attempting to use weapons of mass destruction.

Mr. Sickles coincidentally appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Donald Scheer for instructions about his release. He was the same judge who ordered the nine to jail on April 2, citing a threat to public safety. That decision led to a series of challenges by defense attorneys and then by prosecutors.


Al Qaeda ally pleads guilty

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