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Emmer: Lawsuit decision premature

ST. PAUL | Republican Tom Emmer is pushing aside questions about whether he’s willing to go to court over the Minnesota governor’s race.

Mr. Emmer says it’s not appropriate to talk about legal action until a recount is over. He trails Democrat Mark Dayton by about 8,700 votes in the three-way race.

A recount is automatic if the margin is less than half a percentage point, as it is expected to be when the results are certified later this month.

Both sides are gearing up for the postelection fight likely to stretch into December and possibly beyond.

And both candidates say they are engaging in a transition process so they will be ready to govern once the winner is declared.


Black caucus to accept GOP frosh

The Congressional Black Caucus says it will allow two recently elected black Republicans to join the group if they ask.

The all-Democratic caucus had wavered over the issue since Tim Scott of South Carolina and Allen West of Florida were elected last week. Chairwoman Barbara Lee had pointed to the group’s liberal mission statement as a potential point of conflict.

But in a statement Tuesday, the group said the two would be welcomed if they request membership.

Mr. West has said he wants to join to bring a new perspective to the group. Mr. Scott hasn’t decided.

The 42-member caucus has had two Republican members in its four-decade history. The most recent black Republican in Congress, J.C. Watts Jr. of Oklahoma, who served from 1995 to 2003, declined to join.

The black caucus includes a handful of moderates,, but is mostly made up of liberals serving in safe Democratic districts. The addition of Republicans would likely shake up its weekly meetings and require its leaders to navigate around them to discuss strategy.

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