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While such antics earned him fans throughout the state, his outspoken, unapologetic style also earned him some enemies.

In 1991, he made an infamous remark denigrating the state’s Eastern Shore - a comment that supporters say was only part of some banter with an Eastern Shore delegate.

Many of his most controversial remarks came during his time as comptroller, an office he took at age 77 and held for eight years.

Mr. Schaefer infamously railed against non-English-speaking immigrants - particularly a McDonald’s cashier in 2004 - and AIDS patients, who he described in 2004 as “a danger.”

He was criticized in 2006 for beckoning toward a 24-year-old female assistant of then-Gov. Ehrlich so he could watch her walk away again, and he was defeated in a 2006 primary race during which he made multiple sexist remarks about opponent and then-Anne Arundel County Executive Janet S. Owens.

Despite such incidents, Mr. Ehrlich said Mr. Schaefer will be best remembered for his honesty and dedication to the public.

“He was certainly a product of his generation,” he said. “Regardless of where he stood or what he did, people came to realize over the years that he was operating from his heart.”