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One of the blessings of my trip to Australia was to experience the cross-cultural embrace of truth. Truth is universal - marriage means the union of one man and one woman - and doesn’t change across the time zones to Australia. Nor has it changed through the centuries. The political push for homosexual marriage may well win the battle for headlines, but it cannot change human nature - it cannot silence the truth.

Parents, be forewarned. The year ahead promises an unpleasant battle for those who speak the truth. But make no mistake: The truth will prevail.

We need to be prepared to be unflinching messengers of the truth to our own children, friends, neighbors and school personnel. Know the truth: The homosexual lifestyle brings misery and damages society, health and well-being. Champion the truth. Our young people need to hear the beautiful purpose and meaning of human sexuality and marriage and to identify the immoral counterfeits that claim the same legitimacy.

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