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“I think it’s a very important issue,” he said. “I’ve made mistakes at times, and I’ve had to go to God for forgiveness.”


Supreme Court halts new Texas electoral maps

The Supreme Court blocked the use of Texas state Legislative and congressional district maps that were drawn by federal judges to boost minorities’ voting power.

The court issued a brief order Friday that applies to electoral maps drawn by federal judges in San Antonio for the Texas Legislature and Congress. The justices said they will hear arguments in the case Jan. 9.

Texas says the federal judges overstepped their authority and should have taken into account the electoral maps that were drawn by the Republican-dominated Legislature.

The order brings to a halt filing for legislative and congressional primary elections that began Nov. 28.

The primaries had been scheduled to take place in March, but with the Supreme Court’s intervention, those elections almost certainly will be delayed.

The maps issued by the judges appeared to give Democrats a greater chance of winning seats in the state House and Senate than did the plans approved by those bodies and signed into law by Gov. Rick Perry.


GOP group’s ads to hit Obama about Solyndra

A Republican-leaning group will begin airing a major advertisement this week critical of the Obama administration’s pouring of government stimulus money into a now-defunct solar energy company backed by Obama supporters, the Associated Press has learned.

Crossroads GPS will spend $500,000 on three cable network ads that hit President Obama for “crony” government spending in his administration’s half-billion-dollar-loan guarantee to Solyndra.

The Fremont, Calif.-based solar-panel maker filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in September and was the first renewable-energy company to receive a loan under a stimulus-law program to encourage green energy.

The “nationwide ad by Crossroads GPS is aimed at exposing this ugly underbelly of Obama’s vision,” according to a memo from Crossroads President Steven Law. It calls the Solyndra case “a powerful cautionary tale about big-government hubris and the cronyism it invariably invites.”

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