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Keagan Brewer, 24, from Australia, said Her Majesty could save on water bills by turning off the tap while she soaps herself in the shower, before turning it back on to rinse.

His friend Whitney Gresham, 22, suggested that the queen could shower with a friend to save on the water bill. “She should get a Prius, sack a few butlers and use candles instead of electric lights - it would be more romantic,” the Californian said.

Ms. Gresham had visions of a fleece-wrapped queen, suggesting that Britain’s sovereign switch off the heating and buy a Snuggie - a blanket with arm sleeves.

Another Californian - Lori Lindsay, 43, of San Francisco - offered a frugal tip: Don’t flush the toilet unless absolutely necessary.

“We have water shortages in California and we have an expression, ‘If it’s yellow, keep it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down,” said Mrs. Lindsay, who was visiting with her young family.

“That’s disgusting,” said her husband, Eddie, 45, originally from Northern Ireland. “It’s terrible that the austerity measures are hitting middle and lower classes while bankers are still getting bonuses, even though they’ve been bailed out by the taxpayer, when some people can’t afford food and heating.”

The queen may be spending a greater chunk of her income on heating and lighting, but it’s unlikely she will reuse tea bags or eat leftovers for breakfast anytime soon.

Meanwhile, the British government is considering a new definition of fuel poverty that would eliminate wealthy households by assessing whether fuel costs push income below the poverty line.

Funding freeze or not, the queen’s income easily remains above that threshold - unless more austerity is to come.