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California issued a ban on the sale of beer juiced with caffeine. California teens seeking the perfect tan will have to hit the beaches, thanks to the addition of a law banning minors from using ultraviolet tanning beds.

Also in California, children must remain in car booster seats for an additional two years, until they reach the age of eight, or until they hit 4 feet 9 inches, whichever comes first.

Public employees took a hit in several states. In Delaware and North Dakota, public workers will be required to make larger contributions to their retirement funds. In Arizona, public workers employed after Jan. 1 will receive benefits lower than those of current staffers. In Oklahoma, judges and justices appointed starting in 2012 must wait an additional two years to retire with full benefits.

Oregon overhauled its hunting laws in an effort to increase compliance with reporting requirements. Hunters who report their harvest may be eligible for free tags, while those who fail to file reports may be hit with a $25 surcharge.

Penalties for illegally killing or taking certain game animals was also increased, while access to public lands for hunters was expanded.