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“When we look at these partnerships we look for a property that has attributes similar to the position that Norton takes,” Jenkins said. Captain America and Norton share “the fact that we’re fighting the bad guys,” she said

The combination of promotions and tie-ins for “Captain America” is key to a successful movie marketing campaign, said Al Lieberman, marketing professor at NYU Stern School of Business.

“For every person who may see a trailer once or twice, they’ll also see the TV commercials from the tie-in companies that will remind them this is a hot property and to come out and see it,” he said.

That worked for Monica Palinsky, 21, a student in New York, who knew the movie was coming out because of the tie-in products and billboards that are “everywhere.” She’s tried the Cherry Coolatta and Dunkin‘ Donuts and the ice cream at Baskin-Robbins.

“They’re great,” she said, outside of a midtown Dunkin‘ Donuts on a sweltering day in Manhattan. “I’ll probably see the movie this weekend.”