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“I was definitely relieved,” Mr. Beabout said. “I really wanted to come back to work here. If we weren’t working with Boeing, I definitely would not have a job.”

The same is true for CTS International, another staffing agency for Boeing that followed the company here and opened an office in North Charleston in 2010.

“We’re invested here,” manager Sarah Gilden said. “We’re constantly hiring. We’re not going anywhere.”

The construction jobs, in particular, have given a big boost to the economy here, according to Lewis Gossett, president and CEO of the South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance. Boeing says it is spending 90 percent of its construction money in-state.

If Boeing is successful, Mr. Gossett said, it could also attract other major companies to come here. “It sends a message to the rest of the world: If these companies think they can come to South Carolina and be successful, you can too.”