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“Can you afford this president?” she asked. The crowd responded with a thunderous “No.”

She pledged something few others have — to end the war on terror — “by winning it.”

“I stand with Israel,” she proclaimed, inspiring wild applause.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal delivered the kind of humorous, upbeat but still serious speech that once made him a likely GOP presidential candidate — until he bombed in the 2009 GOP response to Mr. Obama’s State of the Union address. 

Still immensely popular with Republicans here, he told the audience that, “It is not appropriate to say you ‘hate Mr. Obama.’ But is right to say you will ‘defeat’ him next year.”

While speakers before him called the president a socialist, the governor called Mr. Obama the most liberal president in the nation’s history. 

Conference organizer Charley Davis told The Washington Times that more than 2,000 credentials were issued to Republican attendees from 38 states for the annual conference.