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BOSTON | The highest court in the state is being asked to settle an unusual dispute between an order of Roman Catholic nuns and Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley, a trustee of a church-run pension fund.

The Daughters of St. Paul say they have tried for more than five years to withdraw from the Boston archdiocese pension fund so they could set up a separate, self-run pension plan for their U.S. lay employees.

In a lawsuit filed in December, the Daughters say the pension fund’s trustees, who include Cardinal O’Malley, have failed to give them a full accounting of their portion of the fund. They asked the Supreme Judicial Court to either order the trustees to give them those details or to rule that the nuns were never part of the plan and order the archdiocese to reimburse them for the contributions they made.

The Daughters of St. Paul is an international order with about 60 members in Boston and 75 more across the country. The group runs a publishing house called Pauline Books and Media, which publishes Catholic books, educational materials and music. The order has about 50 lay employees in the Boston area and 30 others in the U.S.


Sick Canadian boy treated in U.S.

ST. LOUIS | Doctors have given a terminally ill Canadian toddler a tracheotomy in hopes of extending the boy’s life by at least a few months, hospital officials say.

The 13-month-old’s parents brought him to Missouri last week after an Ontario court decided doctors could remove the child’s breathing tube.

Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center agreed to treat Joseph Maraachli after doctors in Ontario determined he was in a permanent vegetative state and deteriorating condition.

Cardinal Glennon said Monday that Joseph suffers from the progressive neurological disease Leigh syndrome. The Catholic hospital says Joseph is expected to remain in pediatric intensive care for seven to 10 days before getting treatment at a pediatric specialty hospital in St. Louis.

He then will return to his family’s home in Windsor, Ontario.

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