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The only thing worse than a fuzzy mission is a fuzzy mission carried out in service of a fuzzy strategy.

Ask the new leaders of the free world — you know, the French and so on — what the objective here is and how we plan to get there, and you wind up with something more like an impressionist painting than a military strategy.

Col. Moammar Gadhafi is NOT a target, they say — even though he is the whole reason we have gotten involved.

So, yes, he IS the target.

And then there is Barack Obama, the humble internationalist, who prefers to just say he wishes Col. Gadhafi would step down. Isn’t it strange that a guy so famous for his seamless arrogance is capable of such meekness when it comes to the riches and treasures that have been built over centuries by better men before him and jealously guarded by generations?

Perhaps, then, it is not humility we see in Mr. Obama. Maybe it is such epic arrogance that he actually considers himself so far above all those who came before him and the temples to freedom they built.

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