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Otherwise, I am not really obsessed with gadgets. If you came to my house, you wouldn’t actually see anything. All the technology is hidden in my house. Even in the media room, everything is in a big chest so you can close it.

Q: Is that because you need a break from this wired world?

Yeah, it gives us some detachment. All day long, it’s just computer screens and phone calls. When I come home, it’s like traveling back in time. I will often read an old book out loud to Livvy while she is cooking dinner or something like that.

I love Sherlock Holmes, but I love any of these old stories where the writer was paid by the word so the adventures just continue forever. They are almost like they were meant to be read out loud.

Q: What’s your advice about tweeting while drinking?

Oh, I would say definitely don’t do that. That is like emailing while angry. You are better off saying, “You know what, I will just wait until tomorrow to see if it still seems like a good idea.”

Q: Did you see “The Social Network?”

I did. The funny thing is my wife didn’t want to go to it. But I did and it was the weirdest thing because when you order a ticket and say, “One for `The Social Network,” you feel like you should have brought some friends with you.

Q: What did you think of the movie?

I thought it was a great movie. I am a fan of that style of fast-paced writing where you are challenged to keep up and where you are challenged to fill in the blanks. I recognized a lot of things. It also made me appreciate that we don’t have those same kinds of issues.

Q: Do you think anyone should make a movie about Twitter’s early days?

If they make anything, I think it should be a really bad sitcom on the CW. I don’t think it’s movie material. I think it’s more like a good half hour, soap operatic sort of thing. It would probably get canceled after three episodes.

Q: Do you ever feel tempted to sell to a suitor?

No, we have created something that was much bigger and has more potential than we ever imagined. What we hadn’t done is build a business on top of it. So we got the bug to really carry this through to prove we could. Once that switch flipped in our heads, it has become easier and easier to tell people, “Thank you for your interest, but we are not for sale.”

Q: How is the whole moneymaking thing going for you?

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