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Mr. Cascio writes that he and Jackson “had gotten stoned on a few occasions up in the mountains” and that Jackson would drink wine out of juice bottles and soda cans.

Mr. Cascio and the singer grew close. In 1993, when Jackson had been accused of child molestation charges, he asked the Cascio family to visit him in Israel while he was on tour. He later asked whether the boys could stay on tour with him.

“He went to my father and broke down crying,” Mr. Cascio writes. “People might question my parents’ judgment in sending two young boys off to spend time alone with a man who had been accused of molesting another boy. But to us, the suggestion that we were in any danger was completely absurd.”

Jackson invited Mr. Cascio to work as his personal assistant a year after he graduated from high school. He later became the singer’s personal manager.

Throughout the book, Mr. Cascio writes that Jackson never had sex with children, but had a love for them and wanted to father 10 children of his own.

Mr. Cascio said Princess Diana was at the top of Jackson’s list of women he wanted to date, and that Jackson made out with one of his fan club members.

“He tended to like tall, slender women whom I’d describe as nerdy in a sexy way,” he writes.

Mr. Cascio also said that Jackson used to claim that Omer Bhatti, a dancer originally from Norway, was his son, though Mr. Cascio did not believe him. Jackson later acknowledged that it wasn’t true.

“By way of an explanation, Michael gave me the same reason he’d given for his marriages to Lisa Marie [Presley] and Debbie Rowe. He needed to show the Saudi prince and the rest of the Arab business world that he had a family,” Mr. Cascio writes.

When he worked as his personal manager, Mr. Cascio said, he had to interfere when John McClain, now the co-executor of Jackson’s estate, and the director of Jackson’s “You Rock My World” music video, wanted the singer “to use makeup to darken Michael’s skin for the video” and “to fill in his nose with putty.” Mr. Cascio said Jackson locked himself in a bathroom and cried.

“They think I’m ugly?” Jackson asked. “They think I’m a freak, they think I’m a freak, they think I’m a freak.”