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Judge Sautner revoked Miss Lohan’s probation at a hearing nearly two weeks ago.

The “Mean Girls” star has been reporting to the Los Angeles morgue regularly, which Judge Sautner ordered her to do at the last court appearance. The judge had sentenced Miss Lohan to serve 120 hours doing janitorial work at the coroner’s office in April but expressed hope that the actress would benefit from working three times that amount of hours at a women’s shelter.

Miss Lohan was terminated from the shelter program after failing to show up nine times at the center. She told her probation officer the assignment was not fulfilling, according to the actress’s probation report.

The actress’s morgue service has not been without drama - she was turned away the first day after showing up 40 minutes late. She has shown up early several times since then. Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter declined to characterize how Miss Lohan’s service was progressing Tuesday.

Compiled from Web and wire reports.