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“The American occupation will stay in Iraq under different names,” Mr. al-Sadr told Al-Arabiya TV in his first interview since Mr. Obama announced the troop pullout last month.

Mr. al-Sadr noted the Pentagon’s recent reminders that it will keep an estimated 40,000 troops across the region.


Labor deployments banned in 41 countries

MANILA | The Philippines has banned its citizens from working in 41 countries that don’t protect against labor abuse.

Nearly 10 percent of the Philippine population of 94 million work abroad.

The countries where deployment will be banned include Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq.

Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said Wednesday that labor deployments to 125 other countries would continue after Philippine embassies verify their laws protect foreign workers.

A Philippine law requires Filipino workers to be deployed only to countries that provide legal protection to foreign laborers, are a party to international labor protection accords or have accords with Manila that guarantee against abuse.