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Several major colleges have switched conferences, raising new questions about the role of money in college sports.

Mr. Conyers also wants to look into other issues. They include due process for athletes, the NCAA’s use of athletes’ images in video games without compensation, limitations of athletic scholarships, and the costs to players for injuries sustained during games.

Mr. Smith’s office did not immediately return an email seeking comment on Mr. Conyers’ letter.


Biden says nation needs stronger GOP

PLYMOUTH | Vice President Joseph R. Biden says the nation needs a stronger Republican Party.

The Delaware Democrat says that an apparent identity crisis within the GOP, fueled by tea party pressure, is complicating efforts to pass critical legislation.

Mr. Biden visited New Hampshire on Thursday in part to push President Obama’s jobs bill, which has stalled in Congress.

Speaking to students at Plymouth State University, the vice president warns that kindergarten classes and public safety are at risk unless Mr. Obama’s jobs bill becomes law.

The proposal would cut payroll taxes and send billions of dollars to local schools, state governments and infrastructure projects. It depends on a new tax on millionaires.

Mr. Biden says that making deals with Republican lawmakers is more difficult because of disagreement within the GOP.


Governor signs Harrisburg takeover bill

HARRISBURG | Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett signed a new law Thursday giving him unprecedented power to force Pennsylvania’s capital into a state-sanctioned financial-recovery plan.

The bill opens the door to what observers say is the most aggressive intervention by the state government into the affairs of a Pennsylvania municipality.

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