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On Monday, the president’s re-election campaign criticized Republican candidates for their stand on everything from “economics to immigration,” citing various polls.

Mr. LaBolt referred to a poll showing that 73 percent of Americans support repealing tax breaks for oil and gas companies, as Mr. Obama has proposed. “Yet none of the Republican candidates would ask the wealthiest to pay an additional dime, and their economic plans maintain tax breaks for large corporations,” he said.

If the president is showing more combativeness about the campaign, he hasn’t yet settled on a catchy slogan. A youngster who submitted a question online to the president pointed out that his slogan in 2008 was “hope and change,” and the boy asked Mr. Obama for two words that would sum up his campaign in 2012.

The president said he doesn’t have “a bumper sticker yet,” but he suggested: “Our vision for the future.”

“That’s three words. Four,” the president said, correcting himself.

Mr. Stephanopoulos then noted it was five words.