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CLEVELAND — A West Virginia man who posed as an Army general to try to land a six-figure construction management job has been sentenced in Ohio to more than two years in prison.

A federal judge in Cleveland sentenced Randall Keyser, 57, of Barboursville on Monday on his guilty plea to wire and mail fraud.

The judge says Keyser must get mental-health treatment after his release. His attorney said in a sentencing memo that Keyser is on medication for chronic depression.

Prosecutors say Keyser applied for a job pretending to be a major general with references including the Army chief of staff. The Akron-based company became suspicious and contacted the FBI.

Documents obtained by the AP show Keyser was hired under false pretenses in at least four states.


Former prison cook wants last meal continued

HOUSTON — A former Texas inmate who cooked the final meals for hundreds of condemned prisoners is offering to start doing it again at no cost to the state now that officials have ended the practice of allowing the special last requests.

Brian Price, who wrote a cookbook called “Meals to Die For,” about his former duties and now runs a restaurant on Houston County Lake in East Texas, said Monday the move by prison officials was “cold-hearted.” If it’s tax dollars people are worried about, he said, he’ll make a last meal for free for any condemned inmate in Texas.

Officials who oversee the country’s busiest death chamber stopped the practice of giving special final meals last week after a prominent state senator complained about an extensive request from a man being executed for his role in a notorious hate-crime dragging death. The prison agency quickly said condemned prisoners will now get the same dinner that other inmates eat that day.

Department of Criminal Justice spokeswoman Michelle Lyons called Mr. Price’s proposal “a kind offer.” “It’s not the cost but rather the concept we’re moving away from,” she said.


2 hurt in gas explosion

SEATTLE — A natural gas leak inside a home caused an explosion and fire that destroyed a north Seattle home and injured two residents, the Seattle Fire Department said.

A couple who lived in the house thought they smelled gas Sunday night but weren’t sure so they didn’t report it, spokesman Kyle Moore said.

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