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Mr. Ryan said such back-loading also violates FEC rules, which require goods and services to be recorded as debts or expenditures during the month the campaign benefited from them — “not when a bill is received.”

The fact that Mr. Gingrich’s campaign is no longer straining to win the presidency opens the door to exorbitant pampering, especially as the public eye focuses elsewhere, watchdogs said.

“The Gingrich campaign today seems no longer viable, but some might argue he wasn’t a viable candidate from the outset, and this campaign was about securing a lavish lifestyle, and the ego, perhaps a TV show. The law isn’t designed to judge that. It’s really up to donors,” Mr. Ryan said, noting that is why disclosure is important.

The campaign’s practice of having staffers foot their own bills and then claim reimbursement, rather than the campaigns paying vendors directly, as all other campaigns do, has left 55 staffers out thousands of dollars.