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“We’ve had the same message from the beginning and I think so far our feedback from voters is proving that,” said Mr. Delaney, 48. “People want jobs and to have someone who is more independent-minded and an outsider.”

On the Republican side, Mr. Bartlett was expected by many to hold off a field of challengers including state Sen. David R. Brinkley and Delegate Kathryn A. Afzali.

Some voters who are new to the 6th District said they were torn between candidates or in some cases became only recently aware they were part of the district.

Jane McClellan, a Democrat, called the 6th District race “very confusing” and credited her voting on Tuesday to a friend at breakfast who encouraged her to have a say in the school board elections.

“There was no choice with the president,” Ms. McClellan said. “[So] if it hadn’t been for my friend, I wouldn’t be here.”

Aside from Mr. Bartlett, the other seven members of the state’s eight-member House delegation — which includes six Democrats and two Republicans — were expected to coast in primaries.

In the state’s U.S. Senate race, Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin was a heavy favorite to top Democratic challengers led by state Sen. C. Anthony Muse. While the Republican front-runners were former Secret Service Agent Daniel J. Bongino and small-business owner Richard J. Douglas.