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“Not Taco Bell Material” swings somewhat wildly from very funny (though mostly off-color) observations to incredibly vulgar vignettes to just plain funny-because-they’re-true “inside baseball” accounts. Mr. Carolla, in his self-consciously self-deflating way, shares his experience with playing in a “Hollywood Stars Night” baseball game at Dodgers stadium. In the ‘50s and ‘60s they played the games “with real celebrities like Burt Lancaster and Rock Hudson. Nowadays I’m out there with the guy who played the corpse from ‘Weekend at Bernie’s‘ and Mini-Me.”

For anyone hoping for — and, more important, working toward — something better in life, “Not Taco Bell Material”could provide some necessary laughs and more than a little encouragement.

• Albin Sadar is the author of “The Men’s Underwear Repair Kit” (Running Press) and “Grow Your Own 6-Pack” (Running Press).