UK, Ecuador seek solution to deadlock over Assange

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A Virginia grand jury is studying evidence that might link Assange to Pfc. Bradley Manning, the U.S. soldier who has been charged with aiding the enemy by passing the secret files to WikiLeaks and is awaiting trial. No action against Assange has yet been taken.

A document written in February detailed how Australia’s ambassador to the U.S., Kim Beazley, had asked officials in Washington for advice on “the direction and likely outcome of the investigation” and requested “early advice of any decision to indict or seek extradition of Mr. Assange.”

White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters traveling on Air Force One with President Barack Obama to campaign stops in New Hampshire on Saturday that “at this point the United States views this as a matter to be resolved between the British government, the Ecuadorean government and the Swedish government.”

“At this point we’ve not intervened in this matter and I don’t have any guidance now as to whether this would be a matter we intervene in,” Earnest said.

WikiLeaks declined to comment in more detail on Assange’s planned statement Sunday, however the organization has said Assange plans to speak outside the embassy _ which if correct, could expose him to arrest.

If the 41-year-old steps foot outside Ecuador’s mission, he faces immediate detention by the dozens of British police who surround the building and are stationed inside a shared lobby.

While Assange stays inside, he is seemingly out of reach of British authorities, prompting speculation that he may address the public from a window or the embassy’s small balcony.


Associated Press writers Gabriela Molina in Quito, Ecuador, and Jim Kuhnhenn in New Hampshire, contributed to this report.

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