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Mayer said: “Can we be good neighbors? Can we be good business people? Can we stabilize this thing? Can we make sure traffic flows? Those are the kind of things we’re building on because in 2013, `14, `15, as we go on with this, we’ve got to be able to look at people and say, `We’re good neighbors, we’re good for the city.’ This Labor Day bookend event of the summer is really something the city needs to buy into, long term.”

He’s got Power on his side.

“When you get a crowd like we had last year, it would such a disappointment not to keep coming here,” Power said. “I think it’s great for the city. It showcases the city around the world on national television. Last year, there was so much to do in the infield. It was a great atmosphere, big crowd for a big circuit. It would be great to keep coming here.”