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The modest scope of the tabletop simulation that ended Friday underscores the underlying hesitation and distrust on both sides, particularly in Beijing, which tends to view military exchanges as a form of diplomatic leverage to be severed at times of tension.


Hindus protest destruction of temple

KARACHI — Pakistani Hindus Sunday protested the destruction of a Hindu temple in the southern port city of Karachi. The temple was razed, along with some nearby homes, by a builder.

Minority Hindus have complained of increasing harassment and discrimination in Muslim-dominated Pakistan in recent years, including the destruction or desecration of their places of worship.

Residents and members of the Hindu community said Sunday a builder with a police escort razed the small temple in one of the older neighborhoods of Karachi, along with some surrounding buildings.

The outer walls and roof of the temple were demolished, and rubble was strewn about the area. Local residents said authorities took statues and artifacts out of the building before it was destroyed.


Security forces raidterrorist training camp

KHARTOUM — Security forces killed two suspected terrorists and arrested more than 20 others in a raid on an Islamist training camp, a state governor said Sunday.

“Over the last two days, up until this morning, security services and police attacked them in their training camp, killing two, while four police were wounded,” said Ahmed Abbas, the governor of Sinnar state in southeast Sudan.

“They arrested more than 20 of them, including the leaders of the group, one of whom is well-known to the security services.”

He said the Islamist extremists, from a group which he did not identify, had set up camp inside Dinder National Park, a vast wildlife preserve that straddles three Sudanese states including Sinnar. It also borders Ethiopia.

More than a month ago the militants attacked park police and stole weapons from them, Mr. Abbas said.


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