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“You don’t create a safe environment by banning guns from an area,” Mr. Burlison told the Kansas City Star. “All you’re doing is creating an area that is a focal point for criminals with guns to concentrate.”

Many states are wading into the gun issue and suggesting that concrete action is still months away, but some local school boards have acted to amend their policies.

In western Pennsylvania, two school districts received a court order last weekend allowing police officers to carry guns inside schools on Monday in case there was a copycat shooting.

Harrold, Texas, a small community in the northern part of the state, has allowed its school employees to carry guns since 2007. Gun-carrying employees must obtain concealed-carry permits and undergo crisis training.

Dave Workman, spokesman for the Bellevue, Wash.-based Citizens Commission for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, said he supports measures to put armed employees and security personnel in schools, but said he also thinks lawmakers should look to increase funding for mental health programs to diagnose and treat potentially dangerous individuals.

“You have to keep this in perspective, that there are a lot of other issues in play,” he said. “Instead of looking at guns, we need to take a pretty hard look at that.”