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Mr. Rosado said Saturday that four Dominicans and three Venezuelans were detained after they threw 30 of 47 drug packets into the sea.

Agents seized more than 2,623 pounds of cocaine and 15 pounds of heroin, along with 110 heroin capsules.

Mr. Rosado said it is this year’s second-largest seizure of drugs by Dominican authorities.

He said authorities have seized a total of more than 9 tons of cocaine this year, setting a record.


Peace talks with FARC wrap up for holiday break

HAVANA — Colombian government representatives and leftist rebels have recessed peace talks for a holiday respite, with no agreement on what kind of country they want after 21 days and more than 100 hours of negotiations.

The government delegation and negotiators from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, have been sitting across the table in the Cuban capital since Nov. 19 seeking a deal to end the country’s violent, decades-old conflict.

Although they are still working on the first point of their six-item agenda, both sides insisted that talks are developing in a respectful atmosphere.

In the past weeks, both sides have made some headway by promoting an agrarian forum in the Colombian capital of Bogota, setting up a website that has elicited more than 2,000 proposals for citizen participation in the peace process, and receiving thousands more ideas collected from Colombians by lawmakers back home.

Both sides said they are looking for points of agreement upon which to build a peace accord.

In a joint statement, they said talks will resume Jan. 14 and continue with agrarian reform, the first item on the agenda.

Formed in the 1960s, the FARC is thought to have about 9,000 members and is the oldest active guerrilla army in the Western Hemisphere.


Peasants call truce on land killings, OK government funds

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