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The Senate passed the bill last week, completing action after a struggle that shut down the Federal Aviation Administration for two weeks.

The law authorizes $63.4 billion for the FAA over four years, including about $11 billion toward the air traffic system and its modernization. It sets a deadline of June 2015 for the FAA to develop new arrival procedures at the nation’s 35 busiest airports.


Judge frees Hastings from harassment suit

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by a former aide to Florida Rep. Alcee L. Hastings should only continue against the Helsinki Commission that he chaired and released the congressman from personal liability in the case.

Winsome Packer served as the commission’s staff representative in Vienna and claims Mr. Hastings repeatedly made unwanted sexual advances when he visited on business for the commission, which advises on U.S. policy about security, human rights and other issues involving Europe. Last year, she sued the commission, Mr. Hastings and commission official Fred Turner, who she claimed retaliated against her after she complained about the harassment.

U.S. District Judge Barbara Rothstein dismissed the claims against both individuals, although the case will continue against the commission based on Ms. Packer’s allegations against the two.

Mr. Hastings said in a statement he appreciates the ruling and said the case is “ridiculous, bizarre, frivolous, and has wasted — and is still wasting — a whole lot of folks’ time and money.”


Campaign laughs, history on view at Newseum

The red suit, flag pin and eyeglasses actress Tina Fey wore for her Sarah Palin impression are going on view at the Newseum in Washington, along with items from journalists and candidates.

A new exhibit, “Every Four Years: Presidential Campaigns and the Press,” opens Friday. It includes 120 objects and images dating back to William McKinley’s campaign in 1896.

Costumes from “Saturday Night Live” introduce the tradition of campaign parodies.

The Newseum also borrowed many items from campaigns, including Hillary Rodham Clinton’s beer mug and shot glass from a campaign stop in Indiana, and President Obama’s bowling ball and shoes from a stop in Pennsylvania.


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