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Others running in the contest are Robert Albrecht, Angel Sherri Alston, William Boston, Amanda Broadnax, John C. Cheeks, Kathy Henderson, Drew E. Hubbard, Delano Hunter, Ron L. Magnus, Ruth E. Marshall, Kenyan McDuffie, Bessie M. Newell, Caroline Petti, John T. Salatti and Frank Wilds.

Those who picked up petitions but did not file them by the deadline were Jermaine Brown, Michael Burns, Julianne M. Robertson King and E. Henry Wolterbeek.

Three would-be candidates — Bill Dwenger, Matthew E. Schilling and Carolyn C. Steptoe — had withdrawn from contention before the filing period ended.

Mr. Day is the sole Republican running for the seat. Mr. Albrecht filed as an independent, and the rest are Democrats.