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As the actresses prepared to make their entrance alongside co-stars Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper and Wendi McLendon-Covey, they threw up jazz hands and pretended to disco dance. McLendon-Covey also played an oversized air guitar.

Once they emerged and hit their marks, McLendon-Covey pointed her toe and lifted her skirt to overtly flash some leg, cracking up the audience of show workers. (The rest of the women wore pants _ and all rocked in towering heels.)

When Wiig missed one of her lines, she confessed, “I’m so glad we’re doing this rehearsal!”

FUNNY WOMEN: Emma Stone ran into the “Bridesmaids” cast as she stepped into the wings, stage right.

Oscar producer Brian Grazer introduced her to the rest of the ladies.

“I hear about you all the time!” Stone gushed to Melissa McCarthy, who is nominated for her supporting role in the film.

“The Help” star then turned to Maya Rudolph and told her, “You on `Saturday Night Live’ was so amazing!”

Stone offered a round of hugs, but Kristin Wiig stayed back.

“I have a cold, so I can’t get in there,” said Wiig, a nominee for the “Bridesmaids” screenplay.

“So we can’t make out right now?” Stone replied.

When she noticed the women’s statuesque stilettos, Stone asked: “Wait, were we supposed to bring shoes?”

Still, she stepped on stage in her flats and soared through her rehearsal.

PHOTO OPP: Even veteran producer and multiple Oscar winner Brian Grazer was excited about seeing stars: The Academy Awards producer posed with nearly every celebrity who came to rehearsals.

“Can I take a picture with you guys? For my obituary?” the 61-year-old said to presenters Tina Fey and Bradley Cooper, who happily obliged.

“I want one picture,” Grazer declared to Sandra Bullock, who said, “We just did one!” Still, she smiled for another photo.

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