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The 70-year-old actor, who polished off a can of Red Bull energy drink before stopping to talk, said he’s been too busy working on the HBO series “Luck” to visit a dentist.


Only 14 months old, Sir Elton John’s son, Zachary, was more than ready for his close-up during the 20th annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards viewing party.

Blonde-haired Zachary, wearing a black jacket with his name stitched on it that was similar to one John himself had on, chewed on a cloth napkin and twisted and turned as he and John’s husband, David Furnish, introduced him to people.

Then, when the photographers arrived at the party in West Hollywood, he opened his eyes wide.

Among those he upstaged were director John Waters, actor Neil Patrick Harris, a blue-bobbed Katy Perry and a pregnant Kourtney Karsdashian.


Associated Press Writers Cristina Silva, Solvej Schou and Ryan Nakashima contributed to this report