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Documentary filmmaker T.J. Martin contributed one of those unintentional Oscar night moments when he dropped the F-word while accepting his award.

Martin and his two co-winners were racing to beat the 45-second limit on acceptance speeches when he inadvertently let the word slip. He said it would be ” … awesome” if all of the other nominees in the category could also come on stage.

ABC caught it and muted the broadcast before it got on TV.

Martin apologized immediately.

“It was out of spontaneity. It was completely accidental,” he said backstage.

He can take some solace in the fact he wasn’t the first to do it.

Last year Melissa Leo let the same word slip after winning the supporting actress Oscar for “The Fighter.”


Octavia Spencer was so excited by her first Oscar, for supporting actress in “The Help,” that she almost let out the same F-word documentary filmmaker TJ Martin did.

“The word I want to use I can’t,” she said backstage. “I want to say, `Fan-f-ing-tastic.’ We’ll just have to leave the f-ing out.”

Spencer had previously won Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild and British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards for her role as a courageous maid willing to disclose the prejudice she and others faced in the Deep South during the 1960s.

Spencer said she singled out director Steven Spielberg in her acceptance speech because he allowed her friend “The Help” writer-director Tate Taylor “to cast me, pretty much an unknown to most of you, in that role when there could have been so many others.”

“The Help” was produced by Spielberg’s DreamWorks SKG studio.


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