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Even the most red-blooded, flag-waving Americans groan when they see that ever-dreaded envelope with those two little words somewhere on the inside: Jury duty.

Apparently not U.S. Rep. Gerald E. Connolly, however.

Along with 32 others, the Virginia Democrat recently reported to the Fairfax County Courthouse eagerly awaiting his opportunity to serve on a jury.

“I’ve always wanted to serve on a jury,” he said. “I firmly believe it is every citizen’s duty to serve. And I am no exception.”

But the momentous opportunity will have to wait. He managed to catch an orientation film on the role of a juror but ultimately was not chosen to sit and headed back to Washington, saying he hoped to get another opportunity in the future.

Guess most things would beat a day on Capitol Hill at this point.

David Hill, Tom Howell Jr.and David Sherfinski contributed to this report