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The SEC accuses Anthony Fields of offering more than $500 billion in bogus securities to investors through the popular social-media site. No one bought the investments, the SEC says.

Mr. Fields couldn’t be reached for a response.

SEC officials say they have detected more fraud cases involving the use of social media.


Carter’s latest book offers lessons in faith

ATLANTA — Jimmy Carter may never have been president if he didn’t go square dancing.

The Georgia Democrat credits a rural square dance club he joined in 1953 with helping him win a state Senate seat by a scant 66 votes.

“If I hadn’t received support from our square-dancing friends, I would have lost and never become a state senator,” he wrote in his latest book, “Through the Years with Jimmy Carter.” “And if that had occurred, I never would have run for office again.”

Mr. Carter has penned 26 different books, including childhood memoirs, treatises on the Middle East and accounts of his presidency. But none are like his latest, which offers 366 devotionals, each with a biblical passage, a personal story and an original prayer.

The one-page items are sprinkled with lessons Mr. Carter gleaned from more than 30 years of teaching Sunday school classes and anecdotes from his country upbringing to his ascent to the White House and beyond.

In the book, Mr. Carter is open about struggles over his own faith. He writes that he felt “despondent and alienated from God” after losing his first bid for Georgia’s governor in 1966, and said his wife, Rosalynn, went through a rough patch when he lost his presidential re-election bid to Ronald Reagan in 1980. But he said he retrenched during those dark times and worked to remind himself of the role religion has played in his life.


Lawmaker cited after TSA finds loaded gun

SACRAMENTO — A California Republican lawmaker and outspoken gun rights advocate has been cited for trying to bring a loaded handgun onto a Sacramento-bound flight.

Transportation Security Administration spokesman Nico Melendez said Assemblyman Tim Donnelly of Twin Peaks had a Colt .45 with four rounds in it inside his carry-on luggage at Ontario International Airport. He says a magazine with five additional rounds also was in Mr. Donnelly’s carry-on bag.

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