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A New Year’s Eve robbery at a Long Island pharmacy netted prescription painkillers and cash and left the robber and a federal agent shot dead. In June, four died in another Long Island pharmacy robbery in which 11,000 hydrocodone pills were stolen.

There was no immediate comment from the FDA on Mr. Schumer’s warning.

The Associated Press reported last month about addiction experts’ fears that the new drugs would lead to abuse.


GOP candidates target latest attacks at unions

CONCORD — Republican presidential candidates are defending some contributions labor unions make but say they should have less power.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry says labor union rights are a federal issue because of a law that requires states to take action to become right-to-work states. He says he is “not anti-union” but is “pro-job.”

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney says he believes union training programs can help make American workers more competitive. But he says public sector unions are hurting economic growth and says their pay should be tied to private sector salaries. Former Sen. Rick Santorum, who is from heavily unionized Pennsylvania, says he worked with unions in Philadelphia and elsewhere to improve communities.

The candidates were speaking at a Republican presidential debate Sunday morning.


Board ruling allows group claims in court

Employers can no longer require workers to sign arbitration agreements that prevent them from pursuing group claims in court.

The National Labor Relations Board ruled earlier this week that agreements that require workers to pursue class-action claims exclusively with an arbitrator unlawfully bar activity protected under the National Labor Relations Act.

In a release issued Friday, the board emphasized the Jan. 3 ruling does not require employees to seek relief through class arbitration as long as the employment agreement allows workers to pursue group claims in court.

The decision looked at an arbitration agreement requiring employees of the nation’s largest homebuilder, Fort Worth, Texas-based D.R. Horton, to waive their right to a judicial forum and pursue all claims individually before an arbitrator.

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