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“I don’t think there is anything that he can’t do. I truly don’t. Of all the people that I know, he is one of the most talented human beings, and not like talented in the way that he’ll try anything. But he’ll try and succeed, he’s so good,” Miss Kunis said.

Along with voicing Ted, Mr. MacFarlane provided the basis for the bear’s movements through motion-capture, his gestures and body language recorded digitally as a foundation that was layered over by computer animation to present a lifelike talking creature.

Mr. MacFarlane acted out Ted’s dialogue off camera for his stars while he was directing the film.

“I’d actually love to see him in front of the camera, as well,” Mr. Wahlberg said. “He’s a really funny guy and an amazing actor. I was kind of surprised and jealous on a daily basis at what he is capable of doing and how good he does it.”

A fan of “talking creatures that have no business talking,” such as the cows in Gary Larson’s “Far Side” comics, Mr. MacFarlane originally conceived of “Ted” as an animated TV series.

As digital cameras and animation expanded the possibilities for film, Mr. MacFarlane decided instead to try it on the big screen in a live-action movie.

“I had seen a lot of use of that technology in action movies and adventure movies, but never in a comedy,” Mr. MacFarlane said, “and I wanted hopefully to break some new ground.”

Add a few more things to the list of things he knows how to do.