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“After running for president for years, he and his people should have known this was coming and disclosed a lot more a lot earlier so that this was all an old story by now,” Mr. Yepsen said.

Even before the Globe story took root, the name-calling had begun early in the day when the Romney camp released a new ad, “No Evidence,” that said Mr. Obama was lying to voters in his claim that Mr. Romney had a hand in offshoring jobs.

“When a president doesn’t tell the truth. How Can We Trust Him To Lead?” Mr. Romney’s ad retorts.

The ad also highlighted the analysis of, which found there was “no evidence” that Mr. Romney shipped jobs overseas, as well as The Washington Post, which had reported the story the Obama campaign cited but whose fact-checker called the charge “misleading.”

Ms. Cutter had a different take.

The Globe report, she said, proved that Mr. Romney was in “full control of Bain Capital through 2002” and directly responsible for the related outsourcing, bankrupting and layoffs.

“Whatever the consequences of Bain investments were, he was responsible,” she said.