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Blanchard: The difference between working with actors that have put their time in the theater and just straight film and television actors is that you trust theater actors a lot more. You know that they’re seriously more trained than anyone else because theater is the best place to grow as an actor. You need to spend time there if you really want to be great at it, I believe.

AP: What was the end of “How to Succeed in Business” like?

Blanchard: My body doesn’t hurt and that’s a good thing. I thought I was so much older than I am. Now that I’m not doing the show anymore, I feel more energetic. I’m not so tired. I have a schedule with family and friends. It’s just a blessing. It was a jolt at first not having things to do every day and not having somewhere to go and do what I love every day, which is act. But I have my little girl _ my beautiful 4-year-old gorgeous girl _ and I get to pay attention to her and spend time with her and my family, so it’s good. But I’ve got to get back into it right away. I love acting so much that I have to have that as much as I have to have my time with my kid.

AP: You go for big musicals, small indie films, big blockbusters, TV series, soaps and made-for-TV movies. Which is the one medium you most gravitate toward?

Blanchard: I never had a favorite. I grew up doing stage work as a child and as a teenager, so the stage is my home where I feel most comfortable. Film and television I learned along the way. I’ve always had people sending me out on auditions and you just play the characters you love in whatever genre it is. As long as you love them, then you’ll do them justice.

AP: Will theater still be in your plans?

Blanchard: I’ll always be back to the stage. I have no doubt that the stage will always call me back. There will always be a character that no one else can play and I’ll be back to play it. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to come back to the stage.