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AP: Has Leno responded?

Walker: He’s not worried about a low-life road comic who’s out on the road, struggling to make whatever he makes … Leno doesn’t care about me or anybody _ unless you’ve got a hit movie. You know, if it’s Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks, THEN he’s concerned. But Jimmie Walker, playing Giggles, Riddles, whatever it is, Goodnights? Psh. Please.

AP: What is success for you now?

Walker: Well, success. I’m not sure that’s available to Jimmie Walker. I think just making a living is what we’re fighting for now. That’s all we do. That’s all we’ve ever done. That’s the end of it. And it is not anything major, or anything like that. Go out and get your laughs, try to do the best you can. Hopefully, the audience responds. And that’s it. There’s no major thing that, BANG, that Jimmie Walker’s going to be this Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, you know, Daniel Tosh guy. NOT gonna happen. Just a road guy.



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