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ATHENS — The three parties in Greece’s young coalition government failed Monday to finalize a major new package of budget savings that rescue lenders are demanding as a condition for continued bailout funds the country needs to avoid getting forced out of the eurozone.

But junior coalition partners said the meeting under conservative Prime Minister Antonis Samaras reached an agreement on the debt-crippled country’s “overall strategy” — including that it should obtain a two-year extension on its austerity and reform deadlines.

Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras told journalists that the government is still working to precisely identify what kinds of spending cuts to include in the new $14.1 billion package for 2013-14, although the three coalition partners have signed off on the bulk of the plan.

But Mr. Stournaras stressed that the final decisions should not hamper the country’s efforts to seek a renegotiation of its harsh bailout terms, “and, above all, [should] not annul our country’s ability to remain within the eurozone.”

From wire dispatches and staff reports