- The Washington Times - Friday, June 1, 2012


It’s the end of an era - the two-party system is over. The political parties have become composed of either self-titled aristocrats or aristocrats’ servants. No matter which side you think is here to save us, one thing is certain: Government will only get bigger and more powerful.

Under Democrats, it will grow with social re-engineering and redistribution. Under Republicans, it will grow to promote global empires.

The new aristocracy is arguing on both sides of the debate, and no matter who wins, the citizens end up paying the price. Judging from the talking heads’ rhetoric, we are stuck in this paradigm. We’ve become a democratic aristocracy that uses governments, markets and media to increase its power and wealth.

Our only hope against it is the fading concept of freedom. It is an idea from the past, and while considered outdated, its time is not over. I have heard it said that America is in an economic crisis. I contend that the problem is much deeper and we are in a political crisis. Our children will live their lives based on ramifications of our choice - free or stuck in whatever level of aristocracy we pass on to them.

The call of leadership must be to restore a system that is free. It is clear the era of aristocracy is upon us and will remain unless a new generation of self-governing leaders arises.


Georgetown, Ky.



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