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The Washington lawyer and Hispanic activist served as ambassador in San Salvador from September 2010 to December 2011. Facing GOP opposition, Mr. Obama had made her a recess appointee, but her temporary tenure ran out at year’s end.

Nine Republicans joined all the Democrats and independents on Thursday’s vote.


Rubio autobiography says he weighed quitting 2010 race

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Sen. Marco Rubio was on the verge of dropping out of the 2010 race for Senate, convinced that then-Gov. Charlie Crist’s popularity, power and money would be too much to overcome in a Republican primary.

He was also afraid any future political ambitions would be crushed by Crist supporters, Mr. Rubio wrote in his autobiography to be released next week.

Mr. Rubio said there was a tremendous amount of pressure to quit when he was far behind in the polls and had little money in the bank. He knew Mr. Crist would attack him and wondered how he could respond with few resources. He considered running instead for attorney general.

While laying the groundwork to switch races, however, he was asked about a rumor he was dropping out and suspected that Mr. Crist’s campaign found out about the plans and was pressuring him out before he was ready to make the announcement.

It angered him into staying in, Mr. Rubio wrote in the 303-page book scheduled to be released Tuesday.


Lawmakers hike spending for IRS, Pell Grants

A Senate panel has divided along party lines on legislation funding implementation of President Obama’s health care and financial services overhaul laws and boosting spending on the IRS and Pell Grants for low-income college students.

The Appropriations Committee vote came on two spending bills for the budget year beginning Oct. 1, but there’s virtually no chance the measures — or any of the 12 annual agency spending bills — become law by then.

Republicans uniformly opposed the measures, chiefly over funding for the new health care and Wall Street rules.

A $159 billion measure funding education and health programs would boost the maximum Pell Grant by $85 to $5,635. It also contains modest increases for health research and schools for the disadvantaged.

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