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News organizations already have asked the court to allow cameras in the courtroom for the decision.


Rural air-service subsidies win approval in committee

Tea-party lawmakers from rural areas were among those fighting the hardest to preserve taxpayer subsidies for airline flights into and out of small towns last year after senior Republicans tried to eliminate the oft-criticized program. Now the House Appropriations Committee is awarding the program an 11 percent budget increase.

Next year, the subsidies would reach a record $214 million under a bill the GOP-run committee approved Tuesday.

The subsidies can reach hundreds of dollars per ticket and can exceed $1,000 in a few routes. A recent change to the program will soon take care of such $1,000-plus cases, but critics of the program say more needs to be done to shelter taxpayers from runaway costs.


Many expect Fed to unveil new step after meeting

Anticipation is high that the Federal Reserve will announce some new step Wednesday to try to rejuvenate the U.S. economy and boost investor confidence.

Just what that might be is unclear.

One option would be an effort to drive long-term interest rates even lower to try to spur borrowing and spending. A more modest step would be for the Fed to stress its readiness to do more should the economy weaken further.

Or the Fed might do or promise nothing more — for now, anyway.

Yet Wall Street rallied Tuesday on hopes that the Fed would announce when its two-day meeting ends Wednesday that more help is on the way.


Plan to cut food-stamp costs rejected in farm bill

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