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A Republican familiar with the Obama campaign’s ad purchases quickly asserted that, so far, the president’s re-election campaign has outspent Mr. Romney’s by a margin of 3-to-1, expending $55 million by the end of next week on television and online ads. The figure doesn’t take into account super PAC spending, in which Mr. Romney has a definite edge.

The pro-Romney super PAC Restore Our Future has spent nearly $54 million so far this election cycle on Mr. Romney’s behalf, while Priorities USA Action, the super PAC solely backing Mr. Obama, has spent $9.8 million in support of his re-election.

During his swing through Atlanta, Mr. Obama reiterated that Mr. Romney’s agenda and plan for advocating for more tax cuts would benefit only the rich donors who are helping his campaign.

“It ain’t right,” Mr. Obama told supporters at the Atlanta fundraiser.

The president, who became a millionaire thanks to book sales about his life stories, took a shot at Mr. Romney’s personal wealth by saying the Republican plan for tax cuts would save the candidate roughly $250,000.

“He’d get a little more,” Mr. Obama said of Mr. Romney. “He’s got more … more than I do.”