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Walk it off

The D.C. Council is trying to be healthy these days.

Local students brought city lawmakers a nutritious morning meal to tout the city’s top-rated school breakfast program, and now council Chairman Kwame R. Brown said fitness options may expand at the John A. Wilson Building.

Ahead of Tuesday’s legislative meeting, Mr. Brown said unused space in the building will soon be occupied by two donated, use treadmills for use by city employees. Exercise is important, after all, but the chairman — cognizant of the local media’s ability to stretch a good yarn, especially when it comes to spending during a challenging budget season — wanted to make sure everyone understood the modest offering.

“Not a super gym, not a Gold’s Gym,” Mr. Brown said. “We’re talking about two treadmills in a room — a treadmill room.”

• David Sherfinski, David Hill and Tom Howell Jr. contributed to this report