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At that point, Mr. Cabezas said, most campaign officials file the reports and pay fines and the case is dropped, which is what appears to have happened in Mr. Bazilio’s case, according to court records.

But according to online records from an earlier case, it wasn’t the first time Mr. Bazilio found himself in legal trouble over campaign finance issues.

The State Prosecutor's Office filed another failure-to-file campaign finance report case against Mr. Bazilio in 2005, and the outcome appears the same. Court records in that case list an address for Mr. Bazilio in Washington, while the more-recent case lists an address in Bowie.

It’s unclear whether the earlier case stemmed from Mr. Bazilio’s role as treasurer of BizPAC, which despite the years of regulatory problems seems to have done little fundraising or donating to politicians. Both cases ended when prosecutors filed a “nolle prosequi” motion, which means they decided not to proceed.