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INDIANAPOLIS — Women born as a result of rape are defending Indiana Republican Richard Mourdock in the waning days of a campaign that has been shaken up by the Senate candidate’s comments on rape and abortion.

The women call Mr. Mourdock a hero for opposing abortion in cases of rape and incest in a new video from the Chicago-based One Nation Under God Foundation.

One Nation Executive Director Paul Caprio said Thursday the video is being spread online through social networks, but that there are no plans to air the video on TV.

Mr. Mourdock said in a debate last week that all life is precious and from God. Thus when pregnancy results from rape, that life also is something “God intended.” The remarks have reshaped the tight Indiana Senate race and gave Democrats a new line of criticism to use against him.


McCaskill accuses GOP challenger of being extreme

LEBANON — Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill is telling Republican-leaning rural Missourians that challenger Rep. W. Todd Akin would be part of “a very small caucus of extremists” if elected to the U.S. Senate.

She used a high school in Lebanon as a backdrop Thursday to emphasize Mr. Akin’s desire to abolish the federal Department of Education.

Mr. Akin was focused Thursday on fundraising and private meetings. But the Republican-leaning Now or Never Political Action Committee has come to his defense with an ad urging supporters of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to also vote for Mr. Akin.

Ms. McCaskill called the ad “ironic.” She noted that Mr. Romney had called on Mr. Akin to quit after Mr. Akin remarked in August that women’s bodies have ways of avoiding pregnancy in what he described as “legitimate rape.”


Don’t expect much change in Congress next year

Americans rail about Congress, giving low marks to the bitterly divided legislature.

Yet next week, when the votes are counted, the nation is poised to resoundingly rehire a big majority of the 535 members of the House and Senate.

One of the main reasons so many lawmakers will return to Washington is the help that many get from the once-a-decade redrawing of congressional districts. Another is the power of incumbency with its name recognition and cash advantages.

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