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Mr. Biden told a crowd of 1,200 people at Lakewood High School Sunday that a Republican ad claiming Jeep will move jobs out of Ohio was “pernicious,” and a sign that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is desperate to win the state.

Mr. Biden says the ad claims “President Clinton bankrupted Chrysler so that Italians could buy it to ship jobs overseas to China.”

Mr. Biden recently referred to Virginia’s Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine as “Tom” and complained to an Ohio audience about TV ads “here in Iowa.”

Mr. Biden, who is known for going off script, did not correct himself on Sunday and the crowd at the high school outside Cleveland appeared not to notice.


Romney predicts a win in Pennsylvania

MORRISVILLE, Pa. — On his second-last day of campaigning, Mitt Romney traveled Sunday to Pennsylvania, where he was looking to connect on a late-game “Hail Mary” by becoming the first Republican to win the Keystone State since George H. W. Bush won here in 1988.

The former Massachusetts governor, though, didn’t seem fazed by the seemingly long odds, walking onto the stage here to the theme song from the Philadelphia-set movie “Rocky” and predicting that he would win the state on Election Day.

“This audience and your voices are being heard all over the nation, they are being heard in my heart,” Mr. Romney told the 25,000 people in attendance. “The people of America understand we are taking back the White House because we’re going to win Pennsylvania!”

In another measure of the increasing crowds Mr. Romney has been attracting, another 5,000 people were in the overflow area outside the arena’s gates.


Former governor says Sandy hurt Romney

Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said Hurricane Sandy and the resulting weeklong “news blackout” broke the momentum of Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

Mr. Barbour, speaking Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” said the impact of the hurricane on the coverage of the presidential campaign was “good for President Obama. Now whether it will be good enough remains to be seen.”

“The hurricane is what broke Mitt Romney’s momentum. If this election had been held last Friday, Romney would have won,” Mr. Barbour said. “No matter what Obama did, he couldn’t stop Romney’s momentum. I’m not blaming the news media; all the news coverage was about everything but Obama’s policies and the results of those policies.”

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